About us

mipart comnbines the infrastrukture and exptertise of BAM.group with a cutting-edge online order system

We at BAM are no trendy start-up but we are the paradigm of digital transformation. BAM GmbH was acquired in 2011 by the CEO Marco Bauer. The small manufacturing company with only eight employees classicly working as tollers has been transformed into a fast-growing digital and innovative company with 130 employees. Our team constantly strives for new ideas and works on best solutions for our customers.

With our online-quoting engine mipart.com we cope with the next milestone of the digital revolution in the segment of production. We might not be the first but we differ strongly from our competitors: Every single ordered part is produced on our more than 40 machineries in the Bavarian Weiden in der Oberpfalz.

With mipart digital manufacturing becomes quicker and more straightforward than before. For whatever component: If you can design it, we can produce it.


We think in terms of solutions, rather than problems. We are aware, that our customers are pressed for time. That’s why we aim to simplify and accelerate the entire process from inquiry to delivery.


We are reliable and take our promises seriously. We are an embedded traditional machinery engineering manucatury from Germany. Every single ordering is produced on our own machineries. This approach enables us to control the quality, to give you technical advice in the full extent and to react quickly to your needs.


We fundamentally transform the traditional way of production and focus on digital manufacturing. At this, we rely on cutting-edge technology and accept no compromises.


We are #heroes of machining, #digital transformators, #metal fanciers, #engineers and more. We believe in the revolution of commissioning of technical components by the use of our cutting- edge technologies. At the same time we keep the bavarian down-to-earth attitude. You are talented, motivated and absolutely committed to our mission? Be part of our team and apply!

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